About Us


Marianna Azzurro

Co-Founder of Kind Living Yoga, Marianna started this company with the desire to create a safe space for people to join and find that lost connection between ourselves and the natural world around us. She wanted to bring affordable and personal retreats to people and show them that by being kind to one another we will invariable have kindness shown back to us. She wants to heal the world, and her warmth and passions shines through in her teachings.  As a yoga teacher, animal rights and environmental advocate she felt the best way to help people find themselves again was through the power and union of yoga.


Steve Mace

Co-Founder Steve shares in Marianna's philosophy for healing people and bringing strength back into their lives through the power of yoga. A trained actor and yoga teacher he felt his strengths lay in communicating their passionate beliefs and ideals of providing a community for people to explore more of who they are. As a yoga teacher, animal rights and Environmental advocate, his philosophy is that we often lose our putpose  in life when over burdened with thoughts and emotional strain, and what they have created with Kind Living Yoga is a rejuvenating and healing space to get back in touch with our inner most essence and the natural world around us.


Lisa Stroud

  Fanatical about fitness, with a passion for Pilates. When Lisa started practicing Pilates, she quickly saw and felt the incredible benefits of physical and mental conditioning, resulting in strength, stretch and control - this is the essence of what she now teaches. Level 3 qualified in Matwork Pilates and offering a comprehensive all-levels approach, bringing together strength for the body and mind, breathing and balance, postural alignment and the all-important core strength! She loves to bring bags of motivation and positive energy and loves nothing more than seeing her clients leave with a renewed sense of strength and well-being.